Speed writing

Speed writing

“How long does it take you to write 150 words? An hour… two? How about 5 minutes? Welcome to the world of speed writing.

As the name suggests, speed writing is producing writing much faster than you are used to. It’s about trying to blast out as much text as possible against the clock.

This is not about typing faster… it’s not typing speed that slows most people down.

The major idea is that the number one thing that slows down your writing is stopping to think. The Speed Writer tools lets you splits up the thinking and writing, so that you can blast through writing tasks at astonishing speed.”


2 thoughts on “Speed writing

  1. Indeed,in terms of writing speed, those past years were “slower” and counterproductive….But I would say that i envy you a bit, for having the chance to operate a typewriter!In my mind, these machines were a symbol of intellectuality, maybe because i have combined them with the romantic aspect of the work of a poet. Thought is a constantly ongoing proccess, therefore if someones practices his mind his hands will follow for sure.
    P.S: i believe that the speed you have acquired is very good…mine also is at the same levels!!!

  2. As a kid I hated writing longhand. Hated it. I hated it because it slowed down my thinking. I finally took a typing course in high school and it liberated me, I could finally type almost as quickly as I thought. The typewriter was slow, however and only after word processors and finally computers could I formulate a thought in my head and type quickly enough so that the thought didn’t go away. My speed of typing ranges between 80 and 120 words per minute…

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