How to Execute an E-Mail Marketing Campaign

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E-mail marketing, or sending newsletter-like e-mails to a list of customers, has become increasingly popular. It’s all well and good investing in an e-mail marketing campaign to boost your homepage rankings, heighten your brand’s exposure and keep in touch with your loyal following, but at first you’ll need something worthwhile to say.

You’ve got loads of things your audience will want to hear about, right? Talking to a mailing list is a lot easier than addressing a physical crowd of 500. You won’t be wrong in thinking this either. Whether it’s a product launch or the announcement of a partnership, it’s likely that your readers and customers will want to remain in the loop. However, putting these snippets of news into a suitable format is where people often become stuck.

For the mailing list to have taken shape, you will have needed to ask for each individual’s permission. They…

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