The state of segmentation and customer engagement research

Ana Canhoto

What does digital mean for the development of target market strategy, segmentation and customer engagement?

That’s what several academics discussed today at a workshop combining the interest of two of the Academy of Marketing’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs): the Market Segmentation and Target Market Strategy SIG and the newly formed SIG in Customer Relationship Management and Services. Over the course of 4 hours, we heard about exciting research and work in progress from a range of colleagues.

Conceptual frameworks

Merlin Stone proposed a social business maturity model that takes into consideration the scale of change and the benefits obtained.

Bang Nguyen introduced a typology to classify an organisation’s online channel strategy. The typology considers a broad range of factors, such as the objectives, the business processes and the level of integration, among others.

Musfiq Choudhury presented a conceptual framework to study user interactions with organisations on social networks. He…

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