Every Day Tips for CEO Branding as published in FORBES.COMS

CEO and Executive Branding

By Raoul Davis, Ascendant Strategy – The CEO Branding Company


Often times, individuals at the top of companies believe working long hours inside the office is the secret to growing their business.  This could not be further from the truth!  Since the beginning of time, profits have been driven by the awareness and perceived quality of the service/product.


CEO’s cannot escape the inevitability of the equation: Notoriety = Credibility.


One of the world’s largest PR firms, Burson-Marsteller, completed a survey about the role of the CEO in the company’s perceived image.  The results indicated that, based on the CEO’s reputation:

  • 95% decide whether or not to invest in a company
  • 93% would recommend a company as a good alliance/merger partner
  • 88% recommend the company as a good place to work


These results by themselves show us the importance of a CEO’s reputation to the success…

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