Online brands – opportunity or threat for pack design?


Pack designWith more sales moving online do we have to rethink the role of pack design – will it become a less important part of the marketing mix?

‘Phenomenal’ growth – that’s IGD’s prediction for online grocery shopping (The Grocer). Online sales growth is outstripping growth through stores, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS)’s Retail Sales figures for July 2012. All exciting stuff, but what does it mean for pack design strategies?

I spent a good deal of my working life involved in retail pack design; everything from biscuits to lawnmowers. Its importance was taken as a given. It was the silent salesman, communicating features benefits and the brand values. Emotionally there is no more powerful moment than at the point of purchase. Trends in online and click-and-collect could potentially change the role of packaging design.

At the moment most products have a dual life; part on…

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