New Chapter

When I started my blog, I wanted to keep my blog simple and stylish. However, it’s been two weeks, and all I did was making it look simple (honestly, I got rid of everything except menu and the title of my blog. so empty and barren here.) My excuse is that I am still getting used with this blog. Also, I guess I need to pay some $$  to add pictures and details to make my blog pretty.

I haven’t decided whether I want to purchase items for this place, but I wonder what if I could move this tab to here and put this there for better usability.

Here is a useful tool that you can play the “what if scenario.”

Balamiq Mockups

Why Balsamiq Mockups for wireframing? —- “Using Mockups feels like drawing, but because it’s digital, you can tweak and rearrange easily. Teams can come up…

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