About Me!


Thanks for stopping by my  page. I ‘m going to assume that since you are at the About me section of my page you might want to know a little about me. I know i am supposed to let you know that i am a team player who has great enthusiasm for design, boatin or something. Well I’ d like to think that in life and work that is a given…I like to think myself as fun person who has the ability to find inpiration in the everyday. I have the passion and the outlook on the everyday to make it extraordinary!!!

Until today I had the opportunity to deal with practical aspects of marketing and advertising, which I chose to study so I can put into practice my creative thinking and can interact with many different people. As part of my training I worked in OTE S.A in one of the most energetic and strategic departments, that of corporate communications. With ideas and consistently involved in major projects and had the freedom to really contribute, both quantitatively and qualitatively. The most recent was my professional activity with the Internet, i participated in the establishment and development a business e-portal. Through my role as Head of Advertising and Sales was able to increase the visibility of the portal and gain the confidence of many corporate clients.

My next goal is to join an organized and dynamic company which invests in young people with skills and willingness to work hard to make a difference.If you are looking for skills such as business thinking, confidence and consistency, then I feel confident that I can contribute actively in your group.

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