SM User Types


There are some different types of social media users on the web.

Some of them are born to lead and the others to follow. In social media, the categorization is not that strict. However, there are still some leaders and followers as in all other aspects of life.

It is really important to know the user categories in order to place the campaigns on social media properly. When placing an ad/campaign, the most important thing is the type of audience that will see the ad/campaign.

Here is the categorization of your audience.

p.s: In the infographic, the effect of social media before purchase is also mentioned. Please check-out ZMOT for details. (Zero-Moment-Of-Truth by Google)

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The Psychology Of Facebook (INFOGRAPHIC)

Digital marketing spending trends for 2012

Digital Marketing for Business

The digital marketing spending trends for 2012 demonstrated a robust in which inbound marketing channels seem to be outweighed than outbound ones. The following information will provide us the obvious prospects of spending for digital marketing in the near future.


The forecast for the period between 2012 and 2015 expected that spending for digital marketing can reach the number of 50 billion dollars. The data shown that search engine marketing (SEM) accounted for more than a half of spending for digital marketing by 2012. Another type has been prioritized to use is display marketing with the total spending of roughly 11 million dollars.


The mobile ads is increasing gradually with slow speed of spending by this time, however, it is projected to be one of the most popular digital marketing channel later on.


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