In my personal free time i enjoy doing things that replenish my mental energy and bring me joy. I like it very much when i go out for a walk in the park, with my little pomeranian dog (bella). Further, i like going to the gym and running so that i can keep up my fitness.      Another important thing which has an important influence in my life is music (rock/dance/electro/greek music/etc). Morover in the summertime i enjoy fishing and scubadiving in shipwrecks. I have played volleyball in a semi-professional level at the local team for the last 4 years.  Reading also consumes some of my time periodically. I am fond of reading books with socioeconomic and mystical/occultist content. For example i have recently read, Max Weber: “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” and Cornelius Castoriadis: ” The imaginary institution of society“.  I try to enrich and broaden my knowledge in the field of economics by reading economic related books such as “The Geekdom of Google” by Ken Aulleta and  “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”  by T. Harv Eker. Such books are interesting to read because  they look at economic topics from a different angle. Also, I like to keep track of the latest economic development news on a  worldwide basis, by reading articles online from foreign and domestic newspapers and magazines, for example the Financial Times and The Economist.

Other Interests

When I’m not designing or participating to a project, I spend my time dashing around out the occasional beat on the drums. I guess if you enjoy hearing the intro to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ repeated endlessly you’ll dig my playing.

Besides that I take an interest in all the usual things; movies, art, reading. I’ve recently become curious about photography, and whilst I have no idea what I’m doing – it’s still great fun

Around the Internet

I’m active in lots of places around the internet, and always try to get involved in the community. If you’re into the whole stalking thing you can see what I’ve been up to.



To have a hobby is a very important thing because people have a need to realize themselves in different ways.

Some people are lucky with their jobs because they do what they wanted to do and their job became their hobby. It’s good because their work satisfies them and they can become successful. However, some of them don’t know when to switch off and do something else. Even psychologists are said it’s not good to be a workaholic, and that people with enough relaxation and whose hobby is different from their profession are much happier. Then they are more efficient when then they start working again.

We can sort hobbies into different categories: girls and boys hobbies, men’s and women’s, indoor and outdoor, etc.

Some of us like collecting objects – stamps, postcards, badges, model cars, ships, coins, guns, beetles or even bottles. Collectors attend special shows where they have the chance to swap and exchange their items with others.

A lot of people take pleasure in art and they spend they free time painting, drawing, pottering, singing or listening to music. They like to visit theatres, ballet and concerts. The most popular art form is music. We listen to it at work, at home, and even when we are driving. It is quite common to see young people walking down the street with headsets on. We can take music lessons at music school where we learn to play a musical instrument.

The younger generation is crazy for computers, playing all sorts of computers and play-stations games and searching on the internet. They can spend many hours a day on the computer. On one hand it’s good because children will become computer literate which today is very important. On the other hand it’s bad for them as they don’t do any sport and become lazy and fat.

Older people who are married and have families fill their leisure time with usual household activities. They do gardening, some home DIY (do it yourself) repairing (paint the window frames, repair the roof, etc.), decorating the house, washing and maintaining their cars. But parents always try to find a time to spend with their children like taking them to the Zoo, skiing, travelling, visiting relatives, picking mushrooms or having a barbecue. Ours mothers always find extra time for themselves which they use for visiting beauty salons, shopping, keeping fit in the gym or doing exercises at home, talking to their friends, collecting recipes, reading novels, etc. It used to be very popular for them to do needlework such as knitting, sewing or cross-stitching but not any more.

At present everything is very expensive so it is not easy to do hobbies which we like. Whatever hobbies we choose it is important that they help us relax and bring pleasure.


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