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Ten Issues Marketers Should Have on Their 2012 Agenda

By:  Published: December 12, 2011

  • Capture the Power of Personalization; Respect Privacy

Mobile devices and social media have brought the ability to target ads to epic levels. But targeting brings challenges, such as ensuring privacy. The industry has formed the Digital Advertising Alliance and synergized its mandate with the work of the National Advertising Review Council. This self-regulatory program promotes display of the Advertising Icon to signify use of online behavioral advertising and adherence to our core principles. More than 350 companies have implemented the program, and the icon has been displayed online more than 3 trillion times.

  • Agree to Universal Standards of Brand Valuation

A crucial missing element of marketing is the value of the brands that we work so hard to create and strengthen. We need generally accepted brand valuation standards that can be applied across the industry. The ANA is collaborating with the 4A’s, Advertising Research Foundation, Marketing Accountability Standards Board and our brand-valuation partners at Interbrand, Core Brand and Millward Brown have begun an effort to address this.

  • Advance Digital and Cross-Platform Measurement

The ANA, 4A’s and Interactive Advertising Bureau have come together to improve cross-platform comparability through enhanced digital metrics and standards. We have announced five principles of digital measurement, which represent the foundation of 3MS — Making Measurement Make Sense — and a five-part measurement framework. The working group is now tackling Phase 2, which includes launching a pilot of the “viewable impression”; establishing a measurement governance body; and advancing GRP reporting requirements and a new classification system.

  • Ensure Integration Across Expanding Media Platforms

Interactive TV is one of the newest and most dynamic opportunities for marketers. BrightLine’s 300-plus campaigns prove that marketers are leveraging interactive TV to raise the effectiveness of traditional-TV investments while advancing digital goals. Nationally scaled ITV has the potential to create another caliber of integrated advertising. The ANA will work with Canoe Ventures to enable programming networks to enhance content and advertising, and to energize them with interactivity.

  • Improve Processes With Efficiencies

There is a simple way to replace antiquated processes: common asset coding. Ad-ID produces an identifying code for each advertising asset, helps manage workflow, improve supply chain operations, and increases productivity and cost savings. Most important, it provides a foundation for industry-wide measurement across media platforms. Endorsed by all major trade groups and used by more than 700 brands, Ad-ID makes it easy to streamline the supply chain.

  • Optimize the Agency-Client Relationship 

Two steps have been taken to close the chasm between brands and agencies. On the procurement front, a task force will work on the gaps in understanding, knowledge and value with clients, client marketing groups and external agencies. Agency search has also become a hot-button topic. With the 4A’s, we developed the Agency Search Principles and Best Practices white paper to improve the process for client marketers and agency leaders.

  • Develop 21st-Century Marketing Skills

Constant changes in marketing and advances in technology make professional development a necessity. But most marketing organizations — and I suspect agencies and media companies—lack comprehensive long-term strategies to enhance performance and capability. It takes money, time and commitment to elevate the skills of our most important asset: our people.

  • Focus on Sustainability 

As a major public force, marketing has a broader societal obligation than facilitating commerce. Within and beyond our commercial campaigns, we are committed to addressing an array of social issues that touch the health, safety and well-being of our citizens and country. The ANA has formed a task force to establish guidelines for businesses to make the marketing supply chain more sustainable.

  • Prove the Value of Marketing 

Our industry consistently, aggressively addresses government efforts that threaten our freedoms. This year, our partners came together to create the Global Insights Study, which shows that marketing accounts for nearly 20 million U.S. jobs and $5.8 trillion in economic output. We will continue to communicate this data to congressional leaders to thwart all efforts to tax advertising or deny full deductibility of expenses.

  • Stop ICANN’s Proposed Domain Program 

The organization responsible for coordinating the technical management of this internet system is scheduled to launch a top-level domain expansion in January. A coalition of more than 100 marketers and trade associations opposes this plan. Its justification is flawed and its cost excessive. It will hurt consumers and damage brand equity. We urge the entire brand community to demand that ICANN suspend this program.

Bob Liodice is the president-CEO of the Association of National Advertisers.


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