Rumor: Google Wants To Acquire Facial Recognition Startup Viewdle For $30M

Google, according to a report by Forbes, has acquiredViewdle, an augmented reality and facial recognition startup. Forbes says the price was likely around $30 million, but we are still trying to confirm both the acquisition and the price.

Update: Viewdle just returned our email: “We do not have any comment.” Google has not yet responded to our emails.

Viewdle, which won the 2008 LeWeb startup competition, previously received funding, including a $10 million Series B round, from numerous venture firms, including KCP Capital, Anthem Venture Partners, Best Buy Capital, and Qualcomm. The company was founded in the Ukraine in 2006 and is currently headquartered in Silicon Valley with operations across Europe and South America, including, of course, Ukraine.

Its apps, including SocialCamera and games like ThirdEye, are currently all available on Android, though the company is also currently testing an iOS version of its Face Recognition SDK. Viewdle also own a number of patents related to facial recognition.

Google previously bought at least two similar startups in the past. In July 2011, the companyacquired the Pittsburgh-based facial recognition company PittPatt and all the way back in 2006, itbought the Germany biometrics company Neven Vision.”



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