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Real time experience tracking: How it works

We’ve been working with MESH Planning for the past 3 years to develop the analytics around the unique real time experience tracking tool they developed.  A paper drawing on this work appeared in the September issue of Harvard Business Review (http://hbr.org/2012/09/better-customer-insight-in-real-time/ar/1)

Here’s a brief video interview where I talk about our work at Cranfield using this unique approach:


Dr Emma K. Macdonald
CCMF Research Director

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If you’re a student and have ever had to write Reports, Essays or Theses, you will have had to reference what you have used in your report. If you mention something that someone else has written, you need to give them credit by referencing them.

The Harvard Referencing System is one of the preferred layouts for these references. It is a relatively strict way of arranging the bibliographical information.

This tool takes in the raw information – author, title, year of publication – and creates the reference in the correct form.