Is “Mission Marketing” the New Cause Marketing? (Part Two)

Questions and Insights

Last week, I began this two-part post with some of the results of a survey by Boston-based marketing consultancy Cone Communications that irrefutably shows that the annual onslaught of pink products to support breast cancer awareness is backfiring among customers.

I posited that consumers see these efforts as what they really are:  a short-term promotion designed to drive a bump in sales, but without any long-term commitment to the cause.

To see what I mean, take a look at online retailer Etsy’s “Tickled Pink” campaign.

The atrocious title aside, the site is remarkably long on pink product, but virtually lacking in any specifics about how much of a donation would be made to breast cancer charities, or even which charities would be the beneficiaries.  One blogger dug deeper and found that of the 24 products listed, only eight actually claim to support breast cancer organizations.  To my mind, this is…

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